Instructions for assembling a busbar system

Each of these busbar systems has some differences in assembly. Let’s take the PitON busbar trunking installation as an example.

Busbar systems are designed to safely distribute electricity and reduce energy losses at the same time.

Busbar systems are divided into the following groups:

  • Trunking — consists of copper and aluminum conductors and used for transmission of high voltage power.
  • Distribution — for connection of electrical and technological equipment.
  • Trolley — for connecting mobile electrical consumers.
  • Lighting — for power supply of lighting fixtures and low-power electrical consumers.

All busbar system components are assembled and installed strictly according to the instructions of the manufacturer of these products in compliance with all stages of the technological chain. In this case the service life of the system can be up to 30 years and more. If the busway is installed in accordance with the requirements, it significantly reduces the risk of failures in electrical systems.

Each of these busbar trunking groups has some specific mounting instructions.

In this video, we provide instructions on how to assemble the PitON busbar trunking system.

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