General rules and conditions of warranty service of PitON uninterruptible power supplies

During the warranty period and provided that the UPS is operated correctly (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) from the initial start-up and subject to subsequent maintenance by the Contractor in the warranty case, diagnostics and repairs are performed at the Contractor’s expense, overhead costs, including transportation costs and living expenses are paid by the Customer. If transportation of the equipment is necessary, the Customer pays the costs of transportation from the Customer to the Contractor.

Repair procedure:

  • In case of failure of the UPS, the Customer shall notify the Contractor and send a request for UPS repair electronically with a description of the malfunction. A representative of the Customer in charge shall sign the request.
  • After receiving the written request, the Contractor’s representative – service center specialist shall be dispatched to the place of UPS installation for UPS repair. The time of arrival of the specialist to the site is 5 working days.
  • If it is impossible to perform the repair with the existing equipment, the Contractor’s representative makes a list of parts to be replaced and performs the final repair after delivery of these parts from the manufacturing plant.
  • If it is found that the UPS malfunction was caused by improper operation, all repair costs shall be paid by the Customer.