Lighting Distribution Systems

Track busbar, also known as lighting busbar, is used to power industrial lighting or low-power consumers.

PitON Electric has developed a series of L1 busbars for connecting and powering low-power consumers at currents from 25A to 63A. First of all, L1 is designed to power electric lighting devices located on extended sections and lines. In combination with our other series of busbars – CR1, E1, E3, A5, the L1 busbar provides solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity for currents from 25A to 6400A in all climatic and industrial conditions.


  • Factories
  • Car services
  • Agricultural farms
  • Logistics centers and warehouses
  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • School
  • Hospitals
  • Sports facilities
  • Other objects advantages

Assembly is 2 times faster:

  • Connection of two straight sections by means of snapping
  • Easy modification:
  • It is easy to add or remove the lamp by snapping
  • Easy to distribute the load:
  • Branch blocks allow balancing the load on the line
  • Continuity of power supply:
  • The lights can be connected and disconnected under voltage

The busbar system is a safe and reliable way to distribute and adjust the voltage. The complex design is able to protect any room / building from power outages, make it “alive”, provide quick access during installation. The three-phase lighting busbar is especially popular.


The system is designed to power a large number of low-power electric lamps. The single-phase lighting busbar is ideal for cafes, bars, shops, offices, cinemas, private homes.

For industrial or large premises, the option of a three-phase lighting busbar is excellent. It is used in hospitals, schools, factories.


PitON companies are the experience, high professionalism of all team members, the trust of thousands of customers. We are engaged not only in the design, but also in the complex production and supply of all types of busbars.

We guarantee:

  • high quality and compliance with all GOST standards;
  • durability, minimum period of operation – 30 years;
  • favorable conditions and individual approach to each client;
  • availability of all mounting elements and accessories;
  • support of specialists at all stages.

PitON lighting busbars are ideal for current distribution from 25A to 6400A. The system is not afraid of corrosion, dust, mechanical external influences, temperature drop, has a high degree of protection. An important advantage of lighting busbars is 100% operational safety. You can connect and disconnect devices under voltage. It is also easy to remove, add, repair lamps with simple actions.