Installation supervision

Dear friends, the PitON team aims to create a special bridge of mutual understanding. As well as an atmosphere
of trust in the relationship between us and our colleagues from design, installation and commercial
organizations. We expect to fully meet all the positive expectations of our colleagues, and
we also place such expectations on our potential partners.

For our partners, we will do the following:

  • We will design systems of a trunk or distribution busbar for currents up to 6300 A.
  • We will explain how to solve your current task most profitably and optimally with the help of a busbar
  • We will provide advice on the design of busbar systems, as well as linking to the actual size of the premises at the construction stage.
  • We will ensure the departure of a technical specialist to the object for the purpose of its examination.
  • We will explain how to solve your current task most profitably and optimally with the help of a busbar.
  • We will make or help to make a feasibility study of the use of a busbar.
  • We will rework and transform the project on cable systems in favor of distribution on the busbar.
  • We will develop a non-standard and atypical solution that best corresponds to the solution of your problem.
  • We organize technical training of design engineers of partner companies.
  • We will provide technical support at all stages of the project implementation.
  • Let’s draw in detail the route of the busbar in a three-dimensional projection.
  • We will provide a detailed specification for all elements of the busbar, as well as an assembly drawing.
  • We will recommend a competent, experienced installation organization to perform the installation of the busbar.
  • We will provide installation supervision of the busbar at the facility.

We invite all progressive power engineers, integrators and professional designers to cooperation. We rely on your positive (+) and working attitude, and also hope to receive thoughtful and interesting questions from you. You can be sure that interaction with us will be effective and useful.