The PitON bus ducts are the result of cooperation of a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience with the world’s leading manufacturers of bus ducts.

Nowadays PitON uses both current trends in bus bar trunking production and time-tested solutions. Our bus ducts use license of the leading foreign manufacturer for basic design solutions. This bus bar trunking model has been in use in other markets for more than 12 years and is a popular and reliable solution. We use only time-tested and high-quality foreign components.


  • In the pursuit of high-quality products, digital technology is indispensable. PitON bus ducts production uses modern CNC machines and automated lines
  • Automatic line for bus bar body assembly
  • Automatic line for multi-level sections assembly
  • CNC cutting machine
  • Shaping line
  • CNC machining line for bending bus bars and punching holes
  • Welding of bus bar and its elements is performed with the help of a robotized welding machine, which ensures exceptional welding quality
  • Assembly is performed using automatic pneumatic riveting machine, which guarantees high speed and quality of assembly


Bus bar body is made of extruded aluminum alloy and consists of two parts, which increases the IP protection class. The body is made in the form of a complex I-beam and has an extended surface for better heat exchange. In addition to protecting the bus bar body against possible mechanical impacts, the enclosure has the function of a PE busbar.

The bus bars inside the enclosure are sandwiched and galvanized with tin or silver at the joints and power take-off points (sockets). The bus bars have class B polyester insulation and are bundled together without gaps. Thus, there is no air draft effect when using it through the slabs.

The junction box is as compact as possible and has the dimensions for connecting a 100A consumer, (360mm x 250mm x 255mm), allowing to save space for other equipment.


  • Junction boxes come in two types: plug-in and fixed design. A typical range of ratings is available: plug-in 100A, 160A, 250A, 400A, 630A, fixed 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A.
  • The plug-in unit is equipped with a locking mechanism (conforms to IEC 60439-1, 2), which increases the level of safety of the bus bar system. In addition, we offer a non-standard solution in the form of multi-box.
  • It is a mini-distribution cabinet plugged into a standard socket. This multi-box allows you to connect three or more feeders in a confined space.


A unique safety device prevents damage to the bus bar system due to an incorrect connection in the assembly process. With this device, installers will not be able to connect two busway elements with the wrong phase orientation, ensuring absolute operational safety.


  • Sections are connected by a universal monoblock
  • Guaranteed tightening torque, convenience and shorter installation times
  • Compensation of longitudinal and transverse thermal expansion thanks to the sliding contact
  • Up to 50% larger contact area compared to a standard male/female connection
  • No right angle/left angle design
  • Shear head bolts
  • Thanks to the second head the joint bolt can be used with a torque wrench
  • Visual control of the joint tightening
  • Visual control of the assembly temperature
  • Grooved surface of the connector insulation for preventing spark discharges
  • A temperature indicator is installed to monitor the temperature in the junction. The temperature is determined visually by the color of the indicator and the scale next to it.